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We are entering into the last two days of  “summer vacation” here. On Monday, Lily starts summer camp and Jack starts daycare for the first time. I feel lucky that they will be in the same place, just different classes but I am also so torn about what the change means for our sweet, fun, lazy days together. Also, Jack starts daycare…sigh.

Jack rolls over

It has been amazing to get to spend the first 18 weeks of his life with him knowing only Mike, Lily, and me as his providers of food and comfort. It’s sort of sad to think someone else will be helping with that role. Don’t get me wrong, it is help I NEED. I love being a mom and I love my job but right now I’m not 100% present at either job (not to mention housekeeping, unpacking, and taking care of myself). I spend my days flip-flopping between super sad and trying to think of a way to keep them home and super happy that I can have some time to focus on other things while wonderful and capable people care for them.

photo 2

Mike is studying diligently for the Texas Bar Exam while working and trying to stay on top of everything else. He is struggling and I am sure getting close to his breaking point. It is a lot of stress for all of us. We miss him terribly even though most of the time he is in the next room.

Father’s day is this weekend and, while we picked out a couple of small gifts for him, I know the best thing we can give him this year is uninterrupted time to catch up on his studies.

We just moved to a new place in Austin and absolutely love it. We have an incredible view of the hills. Lily is obsessed with Frozen and keeps saying we live on the north mountain. It doesn’t seem that far-fetched, except here in Austin the north mountain comes with triple-digit temperatures and no ice.

photo 3






terrible iphone instagram by yours truly

terrible iphone instagram by yours truly

Me: Who did you play with today?

L: ::names friends::

Me: What about X?

L: She wasn’t there today. Mom, she ate a bug. Like, there is a bug in her stomach. In real life. 


Y’all, I can’t make this stuff up.


Happy Friday!

Built-In Love

I love built-ins. In our last house in Oklahoma City, we had lovely bookcases on either side of the fireplace. In our current condo in Austin we have a built-in bookcase in our living room and I need to get it styled ASAP. It is in a strange spot and tends to just collect stuff that doesn’t really have a place. It’s not exactly pretty and it definitely is not modern or sophisticated. My project this week is to get our current built-in looking more like the ones I am inspired by.

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A common element is the fact that all of the shelves above are painted a lovely white and I am working with an unattractive wood stain that cannot be changed. I will report back on Thursday with the before and after photos.

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Arc Lighting

This lamp. The iconic Arco floor lamp currently sold by Design Within Reach is stunning. It is currently on sale on their website for $2507.50 (original price $2950.)

I love this lamp and could design many rooms around it but I simply cannot afford to spend almost $3000 on a lamp right now. I found a couple of less expensive options.

This incredibly similar option is offered by 24e. Design Co. for $500.

If that is still a bit outside of your budget, you can look to Overstock for this one priced at about $220.


Happy shopping!


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